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Still Working on it!

I almost have it finished. The next pages may be a bit of a challenge. So far only one page per mesh session is showing up. The old navigation system just doesn't work anymore. Will keep you updated



The Meshes Are on There Way Back

Since Jerome has moved on to other projects, his site has not been touched. Unfortunately, this left a little bit of a mess for me, since the site setup wasn't documented, so I'm currently cleaning it up and will probably update the site in the process, since I don't know what else to do with it! 

Please be patient as I work on fixing it!



Guess what? an update!!

Yes that's right, an update! This time I have 12 cool meshes for you. In cooperation with the Runway Dreamz team these meshes are created by combining some of the most popuplar meshes into new ones. These so called "customized meshes" were requested quite a couple of times. You can find them under meshes. Hope you won't have to wait that long for the next update.

Goed nieuws voor mijn Nederlandse vrienden: De Nederlandse vertaling is ook klaar. Kusjes naar Anouska, goed werk :-)



Ciao amici!

I have some great news for all Italian (aspirant) mesh creators among you. All the guides are now available in Italian! Thanks to Claudia who did an incredible job in translating them. You can find her work folowing this link.

A word from Claudia:

Qual'è la cosa più bella del nostro amato videogame? Naturalmente il fatto di poterlo personalizzare come vogliamo...non lo pensate anche voi? Grazie alle spiegazioni di Jerome possiamo anche personalizzare i nostri sembra poco' Ho deciso di tradurlo perchè era l'unico modo di imparare a creare queste meraviglie...non sarò mai brava come lui, ma non vedo l'ora di mettermi all'opera! Se avete bisogno di aiuto o la traduzione non è chiara in qualche punto contattatemi



Mass Mesh Update and new translations!

Finally!!! an update! I know I am far too much behind schedule and should be updating this place months ago. But I will try to make up with you guys. A couple things are changed on this site:

The mesh collection is restructured in more logic categories
The infamous Heels meshes are now available under meshes
Instead of a request page I have written a FAQ page
We have over 500 members in the eGroup
There are about 40 new meshes added on this site.
And I am especially pleased to announce:
Per gli amici italiani, le prime due guide italiane, ringrazia Claudia
Por amigos españoles, las primeras guías españolas, agradecen Sterics

It will be too much to specify all the new meshes here, but I can link you to a preview where you can see their thumbnails. Thanks for your patience and happy skinning.



Happy new year

This time I have some various updates, you might recognize some meshes if they appeared somewhere on SimFreaks before. Skins are not included. Find the updates in the following sections:

One Platform
Two Skirts
Three Pants
Four Blockheels

Happy Skinning!



New girls dresses and platform shoes

As promised I uploaded some of your favorite dresses converted for your girl sims. You can find them in the meshes area. On much requests I added some platform shoes meshes for your girls as well. Skins are not included this time, but visit the linked sites if you want to check some.

Furthermore the URL has changed. Please update your links and bookmarks to
That's all the news I have, so happy skinning :-)



New children outfits

IYou can find 6 new children outfits in the meshes area. Included are the backpacks and schoolbags or newsbags. New is the tuxtail coat for boys.

Loraceelgave me a real fine skin to include in this ZIP. A big thanks. Next update I intent to make some more girls meshes. I had the idea to make some similar as my current femal dresses and skirts. Just for now, I have to check out HotDate. It seems some consequences happened concerning meshes. For one thing: Maxis decided to leave out special bodytypes. As a result the entire Summo collection is useless. I guess Maxis doesn't like real Fat people. LOL :-) So if you want to object to such discrimination give them a complain. I am afraid I have no proper solution to this problem yet. Happy skinning.



Nine new Pants meshes

I am happy to bring you 9 new meshes. It has been some time when I last updated any pants meshes. Many sites have brought you flares and capries. However I created some in the past, I decided to bring some new interesting versions. You can find them in the meshes area. Notice the awesome skins I used for the screenshots. They are created by Scarlett from Sims en Vogue. Hereby I like to thank Scarlett for her great contribution to todays update. All her skins are included in three skin tones.

Furthermore I like to thank all people joining my newsletter (more than 10% of SimFreaks regulars already joined). Since this group is more than normally update letter I renamed call this Jeromes Mesh Club. When you join my free Mesh Club, you will get certain privelages. First you will be anble to participate in polls to vote for your favorite requests. Second new meshes will be uploaded to the club exclusivly. You will be able to use the meshes not uploaded on any site. Finally you can add a link to your site in the Clubs bookmark section. If you have not subscribed to the club yet, don't hesitate and do now using above submission form.



New dresses and skirts

First I want to thank everyone who signed up for my newsletter with the above subscription from. I really didn't expect so much subscriptions :-) It is nice to have you all in! With such an amount of fans I decided to make a gesture to everyone signed up. Besides you will be notified when new meshes are available here, you now can participate in the fullfillment of requests. I will place a poll with eight requests (which I am not certain of to make) and let all the members of the group decide which one should be created. I will create the mesh with the most votes. In return I will upload the winning mesh to the group. You can be certain you will be the first to download the winning mesh for your new skins!.. The easiest way to participate is joining the group when having a (free) Yahoo! account.

Oh yeah :-) I have some meshes uploaded, hehe I am getting up-to-date.. not... Well I have some nice dresses from the 40's and 50's available. Some are already used at SimFreaks (in case you are looking for the skins check Pleasant Simsville theme) some of them are, as far as I know, never uploaded before. Find the new meshes at the meshes area.

picOh and I have something cool: I received an e-mail today that a special message was avaialable at Beverly Sims. I received an award! Hmm, well it might not mean much for some of you, but since 18 months creating meshes for the Sims community this is my very first official recognition I received :-) Thanks Beverly !



Flares For All

On much request here is a new type of flared pants. With this pant the back of the shoe is slightly covered to give the flare a more natural look. The good news is that these flared pants are available for All bodytypes. That includes boys and girls as well!! Use the meshes to revive your flared pants outfits :-) Find the new meshes here

Did you already signed up for the newsletter? If you like to receive all news in your mailbox, subsribe to the JeromeMeshes group. You can use the textbox above to join. All people signed up will get a notification when I updated so you won't have to visit that often without being afraid of missing something.



Another Bunch of Male Meshes

Today a new set of male meshes are uploaded. Among them a couple of Roman Sims meshes. The skins are available at RomanSims website. Besides that a couple of SimStud left overs are posted and a very original Tuxtail mesh. Check out the new meshes here.

Also I have updated all broken links, hope I didn't missed any.

I tried several community news sites, but it appears I better have things in own hand when it comes to informing you about updates. If you like to receive all news in your mailbox, subsribe to the JeromeMeshes group. You can use the textbox above to join. All people signed up will get a notification when I updated so you won't have to visit that often without being afraid of missing something.



Herman Brood Tribute

Yesterday a great artist left our dimension. Not only he was the only true Dutch Rock 'n Roll legend, he was a genuine poet and painter as well. With this Sim version I wish to memorializeHerman Brood
Click for download, Thanks to Callisto
More info:



Simstud Meshes

Who is not familiar with Ahn's SimStuds? Well probably you already have them in your game. Did you ever noticed there are a couple special meshes with those sets? Most of them are hidden as Formal, Pajama's or Swimsuit outfits. In addition to these skins you can have your own outfits, or use them as daily outfits if you want. I have placed 6 meshes from the SimStud files online in a new category which can be found here.

Some of you notified me the skins created by Elstone are not longer at Simply4fun, and yes that is true, due to circumstances, Elstone had to move her files to another host. You can find her creations at She has no problems with Simply4fun so I won't rush to update all her links. It will take some time to get her everything uploaded again.



New Dresses

Right I have started trying to get up-to-date. I know I am far behind schedule. I like to thank Ahn for sharing her library of poses. It will save me much time not to have to create all poses from scrap. Find the first six meshes in the mesh area. Most of them you already have seen at SimFreaks, but the rollerskates were hidden in an easteregg so you might have missed that one. The indian dress is totaly new. Hope I will be able to upload at least once per week.



Gutentag meine Freunden

I have some great news for all German (aspirant) mesh creators among you. All the guides are now available in German! Thanks to Arne (aka VoodooMama) who did an incredible job in translating them. You can find his work folowing this link.


Ich bin von dem Simulationsspiel "Die Sims" von Maxis/EA begeistert. Daher stöbere ich desöfteren auf der Fanpage herum, unter anderem auch in deren Forum. Da wurde ich von einigen Sims-Fans, die sich mit der Erschaffung von Skins und Meshes beschäftigen, angesprochen, ob ich nicht ein Tutorial zum Erstellen von Meshes aus dem Englischen übersetzen könnte.

Wenn ihr Anregungen oder weitere Vorschläge habt, richtet diese ruhig an mich. Es dauert vielleicht etwas, bis ich antworte, ich werde mich aber sehr bemühen, jede Mail zu beantworten. Meine Email-Anschrift:



Revamp of the Mesh Collection

I have revamped the mesh collection. The pages are pretty much the samem but I have structured them. I hope this will help me to get up-to-date. For those of you who placed requests to I didn't responsed I like to say I am sorry. I get a lot of requests and I can't fill them all. Furthermore I have put more priority in hetting myself up-to-date rather than creating much more new meshes. If I find anything really interesting, I would not keep myself from skinning. I even lost some requests during the upgrade :-(. I hate to dissapoint eryone, especially Heads. Since Fionn is the specialist in Head meshes I have no urge to get myself meshing heads. Unfortunatly for those of you who wants heads; Fionn doesn't take requests. With my new structure I hope to take requests again in near future. However, if you questioned yourself why I didn't filled your request, I hope I explained why. Take a look at the mesh area and let me know what you think of the new layout. You might find some new meshes as well :-)



All Summo Bodytype Meshes Debugged

I like to thank Kylee21 for pointing me to a problem with the summo bodytype hands. There was a major problem with the hands of all summo meshes :-(. How coould this happen? Well first there was only the original Summo Wrestler. It was a new bodytype and there was no need to create dedicated pajama and so. The hands though must fit with the mesh, so I created two giant fleshcolored gloves and attached them to the mesh. Thopught that was a smart solution, huh? After a while requests came in for more Summo bodytype outfits. "No problem", I thought, "just use the same trick". Well that was NOT smart. Now each summo bodytype would wear giant fleshcolored gloves (pretend to be hands) even Sims with Dark and Medium skintone! AI! That was really not my intention. So if you have any summo bodytypes downloaded, please reoplace the mesh with these fixed versions available at the Meshes area.

Be aware, the color of the hands will have the color of your skin file in the area between the back and front neck. To check out in the template. And as a bonus I have included a NEW sum mesh as well: A female miniskirt. Oh and something else, I have created a new layout to display the meshes. I think it will contibute you to find meshes easier and faster. Let me know what you think?



Bon jour mes amie,

I have some great news for all French (aspirant) mesh creators among you. All the guides are now available in French! Thanks to Jean Paul who did an incredible job in translating them. You can find his work folowing this link.

Jean Paul a dit:

Je suis en train de réaliser cette traduction car je m'intéresse à la procédure à suivre pour créer des Sims personnalisés. J'ai déjà une bonne idée de la façon de procéder pour recolorier les tenues des Sims et je souhaitais aborder la redéfinition de leurs formes mais je n'ai pas trouvé de documents en langue française. Par contre, j'ai trouvé un document en langue anglaise qui m'a paru clair et concis (après une première lecture rapide). Je me suis dit qu'un bon moyen de l'étudier en détail était de le traduire, j'ai envoyé un mail à son auteur qui m'a donné son accord et voici donc le premier jet.

Si vous le désirez, vous pouvez m'aider en me faisant vos suggestions d'amélioration par la mail liste créée à cet effet : poster une suggestion.



Summo Bodytype meshes

Hi, here is an extraordinairy update. Some people wondered why all Sims have to have such great figures. Hmm, yes guess it's because most people like them that way. However, after the platform shoes, I have created something completly different. Remember the Summo mesh? Or the Santa at SimFreaks? Well, according to the mails I recieve this mesh is appreciated by some of you. That's why I have created a complete set of bodymeshes of the Summo bodytype. Bothy male and female are available for download at "Summo Bodytypes". I didn't realy included the heads, some of them can be downloaded
here seperatly or at the end of the page withy meshes.



New meshes are on their way

Ok, you are right: Where does that update go? Sorry there wasn't any. I was far too busy having all kind of meshes ready, that are posted all over the Internet and not in the last place at SimFreaks. I realized I have created a lot of meshes last year, and people were not able to find the one they needed that easy. I am working on a new way to organize my files, and found already 8 files I want to share with you. They will be vavailable as soon as I have finished all the shots of these meshes... If you can't find them anywhere alese; please, be patient, I will upload them here when I am ready.



Guides on creating and using bodymeshes for the Sims

One of the things that make the Sims such a great game is the ability to customize the Game with your own creations. You can have your own walls, floors, roofs, skins and if you have the right skills even objects. You can have your own bodymeshes as well. However, when designing the game Maxis didn't intent the meshes to be customizable. It was never expected gamers were able to create their own meshes. Thanks to brilliant geniouses like Aladrin Kehlan and Spanky, required tools were avaialable shortly after releas of the game. Still creating a new Sims body has his restrictions. And furthermore the games structure is not a little complicated when dealing with meshes and skins. I recieve a lot of question, how I managed to create my meshes, so I like to share my knowledge with all of you who want to give it a try. In the following guides you will find all you can do and can't do. They are not intended to be a tutorial but more like a reference to you in bodymeshing.

Good luck Jerome


Working on new guide

Since I get a lot of questions how to deal with CMX files and SKN files. Renaming them, using PJs, swimsuits, formals and more of such stuff, I decided to REALLY get me writing a second guide. This one will give you all inns and outs I know, of manipulating the CMX and SKN files. Only it may take a while to get me finished. Furthermore I must have it reviewed by some friends before it will be released for upload. So be patience when I don't answer your questions about this issue that quick.

And, there are some new meshes for you!. You might have seen the short front - long back dresses at SimFreaks? If not, check them out at the "Skirts and Dresses" . The meshes are requested by Jezibels Closet, who is stimulating my creativity. As well I got a great request from Micheal and Donna. Check out the female buisinesssuit and long shirt on trousers. Unfortunatly they don't have a site, but Micheal has some lingerie posted on Wage of Sims as a guest artist. Like to thank them, I am allowed to include their skins with my meshes.




I am pleased to announce the Platform Shoes are available for download! Need I say more? Guess not, cause you are probably not reading this line by now. Oh you do? Hmm what are you waiting for? Just get back when you are done here.

Ok, as you have noticed I didn't include any skins, nor did I link you to any site where you can get them. I had the betas distributed for sample skinning, but unfortunatly not much results. This is a bit of a problem. Like I told you before I am not a skinner but a mesher. However, a good mesh is worthless without a perfect skin, right? Often people ask me to create a mesh for them, only they sometimes forget they have to do the skinning theirselfs.

In some cases I can ask some of my favorite skinners to give a helping hand, or offer them the skin for their work. But in this case, I had to create the skins myself. All skins are actually assembled based on exsisting skins and I recoloured them here and there. So, to avoid any copyright problems they are not included. Except for b203fafit_Platform. Download this one to see how the platform shoes are skinned.



Finally: 10 Updates!!

Well it has been a while but finally I have 10 brand new updates for you. First I have some new dresses. Thanks for Veronica in skinning some of them. Others were already available with the Nutcracker theme at the Sims Tattoo Parlor. Unfortunatly the two short front anf long back dresses are still in development. As Jessica mentioned on her site they are really difficult to skin. But I can tell you there is big progress on these two, I did (hopefully) the latest modification just a few moments ago.

Furthermore the kids collection is finished. Thanks to Loraceel who created a wonderfull set of skins. Too bad Threnody's Chic Boutiqueis not updated a while, that's why she permitted me to include her skins with mesh. She really helped me out since the requester didn't want to skin the mesh.

And finally I have uploaded the summo wrestler mesh. However you might have seen this mesh before with the swimsuit outfit of the Departmentstore Santa at SimFreaks.